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Scott E Scotch® Magic™ Tape

Scotch® Magic™ Tape

Frosty on the roll yet invisible on wrapping paper, it’s the classic multipurpose tape you know and trust.

  • Make Scott E’s Magical Moose

    A bike is a classic gift at the holidays, and provides a challenge to even the most gifted wrappers. Fortunately, Scotch® Magic™ Tape is versatile enough to handle whatever inspiration strikes.

Scott E’s Magical Moose


Scott E’s Magical Moose Supplies


  • The Magical Moose
    The Magical Moose

    Dig out your coziest scarf to complete this bike transformation tutorial. You = Coolest. Mom. Ever.

  • Step One
    Step One

    Cut 4 circles the size of the wheels out of cardboard. Put one on either side of each wheel and use Scotch® Magic™ Tape to hold the pieces in place.

  • Step Two
    Step Two

    Wrap the bike in lightweight craft paper.

  • Step Three
    Step Three

    Secure the craft paper on the back side of the bike (the side with the kickstand).

  • Step Four
    Step Four

    Cut 2 pieces of cardboard in the shape of the head. Measure the top of the head so it covers the width of the handlebars, and use tape to secure.

  • Step Five
    Step Five

    Cover the head in the lightweight craft paper.

  • Step Six
    Step Six

    Trace your hands on the dark brown card stock to create the moose antlers and tape the antlers to the sides of the head. Draw on the face and legs. Finish with a festive holiday scarf.

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