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Jack Scotch® Transparent Tape

Scotch® Transparent Tape

The glossy finish of this durable tape is great for holiday wrapping, sealing and mending.

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    The holidays are your time to shine. Whether you’re wrapping, crafting, or decorating, Scotch® Transparent Tape makes your projects stand out from the crowd.

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  • The Glossy Gift
    The Glossy Gift

    Show off your technique. Try this Japanese-style gift wrapping with a fabulous glossy finish.

  • Step One
    Step One

    Cut a large rectangular piece of wrapping paper, and position it diagonally on the table. Line up your package so the bottom-right corner is off of the paper. Fold the wrapping paper corner up and secure it to the box with Scotch® Transparent Tape.

  • Step Two
    Step Two

    Crease and pinch the top piece of wrapping paper so that the bottom piece folds up and over the box.

  • Step Three
    Step Three

    Crease the paper so it forms a point at the top-left corner of the box.

  • Step Four
    Step Four

    Fold the paper over so it lines up along the left edge of the box. Flip the box away from you so the backside is now facing up.

  • Step Five
    Step Five

    Fold the paper on your right-hand side over the box, ensuring it lines up with the bottom of the box.

  • Step Six
    Step Six

    Crease the piece you just folded over so it forms a diagonal line from the bottom-right corner.

  • Step Seven
    Step Seven

    Fold the paper under along the crease. Then crease and fold the paper that’s left at the top down to complete the diagonal.

  • Step Eight
    Step Eight

    Highlight the final diagonal fold with the glossy finish of Scotch® Transparent Tape.

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